TEAM Training

We bring IP and PT training to your team.  We build unity and improve athleticism.  We help your team be the best on the field with conditiong workouts focused on dynamic joint stability, dynamic movement, landing technique, SAQ's, and core strength.

6-week program  

$60 per athlete for 1 day a week

$120 per athlete for 2 days a week  









Our Mission:

Breakaway Sport and Fitness was founded over seven years ago with a single goal: provide quality training to athletes of all ages and abilities.  But not just any training.  Specific training to reduce the risk of injury and allow the athlete to take their performance to the next level. Runners can reduce the risk of stress fractures.  Soccer and volleyball players can reduce their risk of knee injuries.  

We understand the frustration of missing practice and game time due to injury, and we want to get you back in the game and stay in the game.


All training is not the same.  IP training can make a difference.

Train with us.  Train smart.  Make it count.


Team Training

Injury Prevention and Performance Training

Performance Training

We design sport-specific workouts that concentrate on strength, power, speed, agility, quickness, and core strength.  Performance Training will prepare you to be competitive with the best.

Injury Prevention 

IP begins with an assessment to determine your injury risk factors.

We then design a Corrective Exercise program that focuses on your dynamic joint stability, neuromuscular control, proprioception, landing and deceleration technique, core function, and overall strength.

Our programs

"Carol Thomas came to us through a recommendation from our son’s soccer coach.  In a very short time, Carol was able to build his core strength and give him a lot more flexibility and balance in his game.  She assisted us in identifying the early signs of what might have become a serious problem.  We will continue to rely on Carol to assist him… throughout the rest of his high school career."  Carole A.

Cost:  $35 per workout, or

           $250/mo. unlimited