Injury Prevention

Personal Training                               Boot Camp                

Team Training

Are you thinking about personal training?  Do you want help reaching specific goals, need some motivation, or help to just get started?  

Maybe you need to get ready for that special event - are you a Bride to be, Mother-of-the-Bride, or preparing for an upcoming reunion?  We'll help you reach your goals.

With the proper training, you can reduce your risk of injury. We use an assessment to identify risk factors then write a program to correct muscle imbalances and biomechanical deficiencies.  You'll improve your speed, agility and quickness and core strength. Don't let another season go by watching from the sidelines! Get in the game and stay in the game!  

Fun AND fitness!  How can you go wrong?  Boot Camp is a mixture of strength training and cardio and every workout is different.  Come work out in an encouraging environment with friends.